[Hiking] Tonight's Social :D

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Wed Apr 23 14:28:41 BST 2008

Hey guys,
As I am sure you are all aware by now, tonight's social has been changed
and we are no longer going to Mumbles due to the expected popularity of
Instead we are going to Whitez Pool Hall in Uplands.
We are meeting in Uplands Tavern at 7.00 and will head over to Whitez at
about 8.00.
If you can't make it for this time, Whitez is just over the road from the
Tavern and you can meet us in there.
Last time we went to Whitez it was fun and cheap!
So why not come along this time and make it even better than last time!
Besides... someone has to beat Ruth and Rhodri!!

Lots of love your wonderful social sec

Amy!!! (and Andrew and Steve)

p.s e-mail me if you have any queries :)

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