[Hiking] Tuesdays Social!

Amy Brook social at uwshiking.org.uk
Sun Nov 23 16:05:34 GMT 2008

Helloooo everyone!

This week is my second favourite social!! (after the Christmas Dinner!)
We are taking a trip to Waterfront Winterland or whatever it is called :P
to go ice skating amongst other things!
There is an outdoor ice skating rink, big wheel, mini rollercoaster and
other fun things to do!
The ice skating itself will cost £5 if you have a student card and £7 if
you don't but either way I would say it is definitely worth it!
Each individual ride such as the big wheel etc are all individually priced
but usually only 2 or 3 pounds each, so bring more money if you want to go
on these!
We are aiming to make the 8.00 session so meet at Yates's at 7.00 to leave
at 7.30.
If you are not there by 7.30 we will be leaving without you because if we
miss the 8.00 session, the next one isn't until 9.00 which means waiting
around for an hour!

Just to confirm:

Meet - 7.00pm Yates's Tuesday 25th November :)

(first time in a long time that I have remembered to put all the details
in :P)

Also, although I would suggest wrap up warm because it is outdoors and
will be cold, I would't suggest too many layers as you can get quite warm
ice skating around!

Hope to see you all there!!

Lots of love
Your Social Sec!
Amy! :)

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