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Wed Mar 11 17:06:37 GMT 2009

Hello hikers!

I bring news of this year's Sponsored Walk, which should be taking place
Sunday 26th April. It's something you may have heard us older members
reminiscing about, an epic walk from one end of the Gower's South coast to
the other.

The walk is nearly 24 miles long, it begins in Rhossili, then we walk all
the way home to Swansea. The South Gower coastline is beautiful and with
this walk you get to see all of it in one day! We go through Rhossili,
Port Eynon, Oxwich, Three Cliffs, Pwlldu, Caswell, Langland, Mumbles and
then finally reach Swansea. Despite the great length of this walk we still
find time for playing on beaches, buying ice cream, and taking plenty of

It is be a bit of a challenge (it's a long way after all!) but anyone can
do it, so don't be afraid to :). The walk will probably start about an
hour earlier than usual and when we get to Swansea (about 7-8pm depending
on the pace) we will end in Pub on the Pond for a well deserved meal.

However the best thing about this walk is that we will be raising money
for charity. This year we will be raising money for Ogwen Valley Mountain
Rescue Organisation. They are based in Ogwen Valley and help rescue people
in Northern Snowdonia. In light of recent accidents around that area and
because we are going to Snowdonia soon (not to be rescued hopefully!) we
have decided to donate the money to them.

You can visit their website here:
They have plenty of information about incidents they have dealt with and
lots of other information about what they do.

Or read a news article here:

If you would like to raise money you can download a Sponsorship form here:

We hope as many people as possible will do the walk and raise money, it'll
be a fantastic day, one of the best walks of the year! You don't have to
actually do the walk to raise money, remember to sponsor your friends!

We will start signing up for the walk now, until the end of term and then
the first week back too. The Easter holidays are a great opportunity to
get sponsored by family and friends so use them wisely.

Thank you to those of you who can do the walk and/or donate.

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