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These really are so true!


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> There are a number of key phrases that are used on a regular basis at help
> desks around the world. They sound harmless enough but often have hidden
> meanings, understood only by those who have been initiated into the black
> art of the help desk. In this listing of common phrases and their true
> meanings, I'm sure you'll see some that you've heard before and some that
> you might have even used yourself.
> What we say vs. what we mean
> "To tell you the truth/To be honest..."
> Meaning: "I am about to heavily bend the truth."
> "It would probably be best to re-install the software."
> Meaning: "I don't know how to fix this, nor does anyone else here. By the
> time we've worked out the solution, you could have re-installed the
> a dozen times."
> "Hmmm! That's a good one!"
> Meaning: "What the heck are you talking about?"
> "There must be some incompatibility problem."
> Meaning: "I haven't got a clue."
> "I'll check with my team leader."
> Meaning: "He hasn't got a clue either."
> "We have passed the problem on to the developers."
> Meaning: "Even they don't have a clue."
> "Let me just check with a colleague."
> Meaning: "I'll press the mute button now because I can't stop laughing."
> "What operating system are you running?"
> Meaning: "Do you know what an operating system is?"
> "Are you getting a login error?"
> Meaning: "You've forgotten your password, haven't you?"
> "Let's check your system settings."
> Meaning: "I wasn't listening the first time."
> "I apologize unreservedly for my mistake."
> Meaning: "Damn! I just broke the first help desk law!"
> "Let's run through that procedure one more time and check the exact error
> message."
> Meaning: "I need to play for time while I reboot my machine, swallow this
> huge lump of sandwich I just bit off, find the relevant help file, or
> making the tea."
> What the callers say vs. what they mean
> "I haven't touched anything."
> Meaning: "I have just fiddled with some registry settings/DLLs/system
> settings and now it won't work at all."
> "I really truly haven't touched anything."
> Meaning: "I've really done it this time."
> "What would happen if...?"
> Meaning: "I've just done this and feel a bit silly. How would I fix it
> without anyone knowing?"
> "I'm a personal friend of the chairman."
> Meaning: "He once swore at me for using his parking space."
> "I'm running Windows 97."
> Meaning: "I don't know the difference between an operating system and an
> office package."
> "Of course everything is plugged in! Do you think I'm stupid?"
> Meaning: "Something is not plugged in."
> "I really can't waste any more time on this, goodbye!"
> Meaning: "I just spotted what I did wrong, and I'm very embarrassed."
> "My screen is blurred and I get headaches."
> Meaning: "The guy across the corridor just got a new screen and I want one
> too."
> "Is there a problem with the network?"
> Meaning: "I forgot my password."
> "It won't let me in and I know I entered the password correctly."
> Meaning: "I have caps lock on."
> "I checked my caps lock and I still can't log in."
> Meaning: "I forgot my password, and the last time this happened I had my
> caps lock on."
> "Has this problem been reported by anyone else?"
> Meaning: "Am I the only clueless pony on the block?"
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