[Jokes] one *really* awful joke.

Chris McKenna awkward at gmx.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 20:51:20 BST 2001

I appologise for this, it is one of the worst jokes I have come accross in


One day as Noah was sitting in his favourite chair, he heard God call down
to him. 

"Yes god" said Noah, "and how are you on this beautiful morning". 

"Fine" booms God, "I was wondering if you fancy building another ark?" 

Noah stands up in alarm, looking wildly around him until God reassures him
"sit down Noah, there are no floods, I just want an ark". 

Noah sits down in relief "ok, no problem, just like the last one then?" 

"No" admits God "a bit different. I'd like this ark to have 20 decks, one on
top of the other" 

"20!" cries Noah "Well you'll certainly get plenty of pairs of animals in an
ark that size." 

"Ah, that's the other thing Noah, I don't want loads of different animals in
there, just one sort in fact." 

Noah looks expectantly at the sky above him. 

"Well, whatever you want God, just name it" 

"Fish." said God " Well to be more precise - Carp" 

Noah got out of his chair, scratching his beard and shaking his head, "let
me just make sure I have this right, you want an ark?" 


"With twenty floors one on top of the other?" 


"And you want me to fill it floor to ceiling, wall to wall with Carp?" 

"Check" says God sounding pleased. 

"But why?" asked Noah 

And way up in heaven God shrugs his shoulders and says... 

"I just fancied a multi-story carpark

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