[Jokes] Signs your preschooler is a future geek...

Matt Hawkins manic at sucs.swan.ac.uk
Wed Sep 5 12:19:27 BST 2001

Signs Your Preschooler Is A Future Geek

 1)  Counts from zero
 2)  Runs around the house in a cape pretending to be Linus Torvalds
 3)  asks things like "how can space be both fininte and unbounded,daddy"
 4)  Favorite authors include Tolkien, Gary Larson, and Douglas Adams
 5)  Rewires Disney See'n'Say to run all your kitchen appliances
 6)  Names her pet kitty "Felis Domesticus"
 7)  Your babysitter doesn't charge b/c your child helps her with her math homework
 8)  Has higher slashdot karma than everyone you know, combined
 9)  Invisible friends are named Spock, Kirk, and Sulu
 10)  Her Lego creations are just a little *too* functional
 11)  Hacked fisher-price.com, can now place orders online free of charge
 12)  Asks Santa Clause for a GeForce 3 video card
 13)  Telnets into your bank when you withhold her allowance
 14)  Prefers Jolt to juice
 15)  During play time, fixes teacher's "dead" VCR
 16)  Writes her name in 1's and 0's because she doensn't know her letters yet.
 17)  Favorite toy is a suffed Mr.Tux
 18)  Favorite book is "Elmo Learns Quantum Physics"
 19)  Has written a Palm-OS port of "Candyland" for her PDA
 20)  Her bedroom looks like a Rube Goldberg project.
 21)  Stephen Hawkings lists her as a colleague in his newest paper.
 22)  Compiles a Linux Kernel for Tickle me Elmo.
 23)  Wants you to read extreme programming to her, again.
 24)  Favourite numbers are '0' and '1'
 25)  Suddenly your DVD plays any region
 26)  Has nightmares aboutfFirst post lamers.
 27)  breaks the speed limit using only his erector-set
 28)  Instead of saying "Mine!", paraphrases "All your ___ are belong to me"
 29)  Wields her screwdriver better than her fork
 30)  petitions Seasame Street to add a robot muppet to the cast
 31)  Debates the advantages of using a Reverse Polish Notation speak-and-spell.
 32)  Can tell you which magic item in the AD&D DM's guide has the price typo.
 33)  admin's the home network, even if you dont own a computer.
 34)  She begins tutoring her older brother in Physics, Chemestry, and Computer Sci.
 35)  Her first Linux distro released yesterday.
 36)  Doesn't throw food on the floor, just the Windows.

That's all for now,

Manic (AKA Matthew)


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