[Jokes] that adorable penguin

crystal at geode.org.uk crystal at geode.org.uk
Fri Aug 23 16:53:53 BST 2002

Dear Sony,
I am writing this letter of complaint in regards to a recent game I
saw at a local Walmart, Linux. I recently saw the picture of the
adorable penguin on the cover, and couldn't resist buying the game for
my children Corey, 3, and Chelsea, 9.

Imagine my shock and disappointment when I did not see an adorable
Sonic-like Penguin on the screen, but came across a boring black
screen with green text. This game has no redeeming value for my
children, save for the fact that Corey now knows the alphabet from the
letters A to F. That, and Chelsea seems to run around the house now,
declaring that she's something about being "leet" and "haxors." What
kind of garbage are you instilling in our youth, anyway?

I'm promptly going back to Walmart and returning this Playstation 2
for a Gamecube. Right after Chelsea hooks up the Playstation to the
stereo and is able to turn it on and off using a web interface. Kids
these days, right?

Signed, a Concerned Soccer Mom
Toledo, Ohio

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