[Jokes] law of the jungle

McKenna, Chris (RDS SW) chris.mckenna at DEFRA.GSI.GOV.UK
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Two tribes in New Guinea had an ongoing war and were always raiding and
looting each other. One day the 'Lottafevvers' tribe raided the 'Nosebones'
and looted some of their most prized possesions.

One of these was a large and heavy wooden throne and when they got it back
to the village of huts made of grass they did not know where to put it so
for the time being they put it in the loft.

A couple of weeks later the village elders were holding a pow-wow in the hut
when the loft gave way and the throne fell on them killing several including
the Chief.

The other tribe were delighted whn they heard this and celebrated for 3

The moral of the story is...... 'People who live in grass houses shouldn't
stow thrones' 

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