[Jokes] Once upon a time (fwd)

Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.org
Tue May 15 01:54:33 BST 2007

A king, who had three daughters for marriage, made the statement that any
prince in the kingdom who could pass certain tests could marry his choice of

the three. One of the daughters was a blonde, one a brunette, and one a

All the princes in the kingdom tried to pass the tests and failed.

One day Prince Charming came up on his white charger and said to the king,
"I understand you have three daughters for marriage."

And the king said, "Yes, if you pass certain tests."

So the king explained the tests to him and Prince Charming went forth into
the world.

A year later, he came back and told the king of all the dragons he had
slain, of all the fair maidens he had rescued, and of all the battles had

The king said, "Son, you may have your choice of my daughters for marriage.
Which do you choose?"

Which do you think was his choice?

He chose the king because this really is a fairy tale.

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