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Wed Nov 12 09:37:28 GMT 2008

INFORMATION from South Wales bolf fund:

As part of raising the profile and funds for the South Wales Bolt Fund, a
Christmas raffle has been set up. Cost per ticket is £1 or £2 for a strip of
5 tickets!

Prizes in the pot so far...

One Year Climbing Membership for Dynamic Rock! (~£300)
£100 Gift Vouchers for Up & Under (Climbing shop in Cardiff)
Metolious Large Bouldering matt (~£150)
Metolious Small pad (~£70)
DMM Wallnut set size 1 - 11 (£75)
2 Evolv approach shoes (size 8 and 10) (~£50 each pair)
Moon Rope Bag (~£30)

Not to blow our own horn but this is the best prize pot I've seen for a
climbing raffle, it's normally littered with chalk bags, and small stuff.
Prizes pot stands at over £800! just had Wild Country confirm they will
supply me a prize too! Obviously this will not all go to one person, but for
your chance to win go buy your raffle tickets at Dynamic Rock, where on the
desk is a jam jar with the raffle tickets. Please ensure you write contact
details on each ticket, as the strip of 5 will be seperated individually for
the draw.

And remember your money is going to the bolt fund, which over the next few
months aims to replacing old rotting bolts in South Wales. Visit
www.southwalesboltfund.co.uk for more information on the fund.

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