[SUMC] Easter Trip 2010/Outdoor day trip this Sunday

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Tue Mar 2 13:11:15 GMT 2010

the Easter Trip will be to North Wales rather than Scotland, as we've had
difficulty finding accomodation on the Isle of Skye, and the likely weather
conditions for the Ben Nevis area are wintery...  We plan to head up to
Snowdonia on Sunday 21st March, and return on Friday 26th, which would give
us 4 full days of climbing.  The bonus is that the trip will cost a lot less
- accomodation will cost roughly £30, depending where we go, and petrol is
likely to be similar.
Theres a wide variety of climbing in Snowdonia -  everything from long
routes in the mountains to short outcrops and bouldering.  To come on the
trip, the same requirements apply as for Scotland.
If you're interested, then could you let us know by signing up or replying
to this email *by Thursday*, and if possible come along to the Uni wall to
discuss arrangements.

Also, we've still got plenty of spaces on our outdoor trip to Trebanog (an
awesome crag) this Sunday, so sign up if you'd like to come.  Details are as

*"The next day trip is on March 7th, which is the weekend before the peaks
trip.  We're gonna be going to Trebanog again, the boys seem to love it
there, the tides are also not good on Gower.  So leaving time will be 8.00am
from Fulton House.  As usual sign up online saying what kit you need.  Cost
will be £5.00.*
* *
*Things to bring:*
*warm sensible clothes: inc. hat and gloves, no jeans*
*food and drink*
*climbing kit*
*rucksack to carry it in"*

All the best

SUMC Committee

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