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Howdy climbers!

I hope you're all enjoying SUMC so far, and looking forward to the first
outdoor trip!

If you are enjoying climbing, then surely borrowing the old holey shoes
must becoming a bit of a chore now? What about those double-back-faff
harnesses? Well have no fear, you need some gear! This year, SUMC will be
hosting the first ever V12 outdoor affiliated (www.v12outdoor.com) gear
night. But what does this mean I hear you ask?

V12, pretty much the one stop place for climbing goods, will be bringing
down a whole variety of shoes, harnesses and belay devices so you guys can
started owning your own stuff rather than borrowing the outdated club kit.
Furthermore this gear will be CHEAP so won't break the bank! Don't forget
the shop assistants will be there to make sure harnesses and shoes fit you
the way they're intended and how you want them to. Along with this gear
intended for new comers, V12 will also be bringing down some shop items too
for experianced members wanting to update/replace their racks. Still not

Along with V12 will be mega climbing manufacturer DMM with their tensile
test machine! This gives you a chance to destory old/rusty components and
see how strong they actually were.... oh and talk to the guys that
design/make/test and sell climbing equipment. Winter warriors wake up! -
The new DMM ice axe range will also be present for you to play with and
crank out some figure fours!

What? You want more?

Mammut representatives will be there with a clothing shop with up to 50%
off! For those who know the Mammut brand will know two things about it: Its
DAMN good stuff and its expensive, so any chance to get it cheap is worth
taking! Alongside Mammut will be climbing shoe manufacturer 5.10 to give
you all a demo on their new product range, answer any questions you might
have and give you advice on shoe fitting.

If thats not enough, then I hope the last feature will be enough...

Sponsored climber Emma Twyford will also be joining us to give coaching
tips and advice for any climbers wishing to push their limits to the
extreme. So whether its new techniques, tactics or crag locations take this
chance to ask these questions!

With any luck thats whetted your appetite for the night, so here are the

Saturday 27th October. 5:30pm onwards at Dynamic rock.
We'll be using a minibus, and several cars depending on the popularity.
Trip cost will be £2 to cover transport costs.
To gauge popularity, please use the sign up sheet on the events page on the
website (www.sumc.org.uk/events)
If you don't sign up but turn up you can still come provided we have room
in a car for you.
We may yet have a day trip in the daytime, but pick up will PROBABLY be
5:00pm at Fulton house. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!
Entrance to Dynamic rock is FREE TO SHOP, but discounted to £5 TO CLIMB
We will be with other universities too who will be travelling far and wide
to make the most of this night!
It is likely we'll have a night out afterwards

I think that's everything. There is a facebook page too:
http://www.facebook.com/events/195446883923025/?ref=ts&fref=ts and the sign
up for the gear night will open TODAY with plenty of spaces!

If I hear anything else, news will be updated on the FACEBOOK GROUP and the

See you there!

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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