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Attention climbers!

This E-mail contains nearly everything you need to know about the next day
trip AND the first weekend trip to the peak district, so please read this

Also terms regarding LEADING and BELAYING occur in this E-mail. If you want
to learn more about what they mean, have a watch here:

The next *day trip* will be on *Sunday the 28th of October* - the day after
our fabulous gear night so those with new equipment can enjoy the comfort
of new shoes and comfy harnesses. The *peak district weekend* will be on
the *2nd - 4th November*. That means for clarity, leaving Friday night from
Swansea and returning to Swansea Sunday night.

*Information common to both trips*
In order to maximise the number of places available on these trips we need
as many car driver volunteers as possible. You will be reimbursed for fuel
(so long as you don't drive like a tool) and we'll give you directions to
where we're going / drive in convoy. If you are available to drive and give
lifts, please tick the CAR DRIVER box when you sign up.

For the same reason, we also need people who are able to *LEAD BELAY* (not
necessarily LEAD CLIMB). This means that experi*e*nced climbers who can
lead climb, don't have to lead belay and instead can climb more routes for
you. If you want to come on the trips, please attend the next few dynamic
rock sessions on Monday AND the uni wall Thursday night sessions to learn
and practice lead belaying. Its not hard to get the hang of, and we'll be
on hand to advise and practice in controlled environments first before we
let you loose outdoors!

Finally please read ALL of the kit list before attending the trip and
please note it is *ALL MANDATORY!* If you don't posses an item on the list,
you'll need to borrow and NOT do-without-and-hope.

Fabulous, lets crack on!
Day trip to the Gower*
This will be on Sunday 28th October and will cost £5. Leaving fulton house
approximately 8:00am but this might change depending on location. We will
be doing our standard trip format where the groups of 3 climbers will climb
their own routes throughout the day. This means one trad leader in the
group and atleast one lead belayer. The time and location as mentioned will
be subject to change so please keep an eye out for that E-mail! The kit
list however will remain the same:

*Kit list for day trip*
Sensible climbing clothing - NOT JEANS!!!!!
Sensible shoes for walk in
Rucksack to put it all in
Hat + Gloves - optional
Headtorch - optional

If you need any of the gear, please indicate on the sign up sheet. If you
need a certain shoe size, please say which size and our gear rep will do
his best. Also if you don't know what a trad rack, quickdraws, doubles,
singles etc. are, its highly likely you don't need them, *so please don't
tick them!* As mentioned previously, this list bar the last two items is *
MANDATORY* and people without the full list will be unlikely to
participate! However so long as you have all these items you will be
guaranteed an awesome day, even if its raining! (yes I did just say
that...) The sign up for the trip will open on Monday!

*Peak district trip*
Slightly more involved... Twice a year we head to the peak district to the
gritstone to do some of the UK's most awesome trad routes. Gritstone
climbing is very different to limestone, so its definitely worth a go! As
usual to returning members, we will be staying in the Chinley scout hut
which is basically a floor with walls and a roof. It has toilets (just) and
a kitchen but it IS dry and pretty warm. If you have spoken to any older
members about trips to the peaks, they will tell you its worth doing and
they will be the first on the sign up list.
Again, more car drivers will expand the range for this trip but places are
limited! :-( Standard trip format in groups of 3 (as above) so please learn
how to lead belay. The kit list is slightly different:

*Kit list for weekend trip*
Sensible climbing clothing - NOT JEANS!!!!!
Sensible shoes for walk in
Rucksack to put it all in
Sleeping bag
Roll mat / airbed
Vessel with which to hold drinkable liquid
Spare change of clothes after climbing - optional!
Hat + Gloves - optional
Headtorch - optional but very highly useful

Crags are undecided so leaders; you may want to take both guidebooks. We'll
probably use Eastern grit though...

We stop off at a supermarket on the way and make sandwiches/cook whilst
we're there. Tradition also dictates a stop at KFC in Monmouth on the way
up too. The scout hut has a kettle, 4 hobs and an oven. From memory it MAY
have a microwave too...

Trip cost will be £35 and will need to be paid to a committee member
(preferably Matt Riordan) by *Monday 29th October*. The sign up sheet for
the peaks trip will open this coming Monday (same as the day trip). Further
details will be given a bit closer to the time, but for now these are two
trips to whet your climbing appetite...

If you want any more details, either ping us an E-mail back, or ask a
committee member!

Nos da!

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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