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A man goes to a party and has too much to drink. His friends plead with him
to let them take him home. He says no - he only lives a mile away.

About five blocks from party, the police pull him over for weaving and ask
him to get out of the car and walk the line.

Just as he starts, the police radio blares out a notice of a robbery taking
place in a house just a block away. The police tell the party animal to stay
put, they will be right back and they hop a fence and run down the street to
the robbery.

The guy waits and waits and finally decides to drive home. When he gets
there, he tells his wife he is going to bed, and to tell anyone who might
come looking for him that he has the flu and has been in bed all day.

A few hours later the police knock on the door. They ask if Mr. Miller is
there and his wife says yes. They ask to see him and she replies that he is
in bed with the flu and has been so all day.

The police have his driver's license. They ask to see his car and she asks
why. They insist on seeing his car, so she takes them to the garage and
opens the door where they find the police car, lights still flashing.

True story, told by the driver at his first AA meeting.

Steve H

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